Walking Football (Soccer)



In 1863, England produced the first comprehensive set of rules for the game of Football, known to us in the US as Soccer.  Now 150 years later they have introduced a new version for us older folks, Walking Football (Soccer).   It is played on a half sized field with five to eight players per side, and like the name implies you play by walking not running.  If by chance you do break into a run you are penalized with an indirect free kick awarded to your opponent.  This new sport has widespread support in England.  “It was like an explosion” is the way it’s growth has been described.    There are now clubs all over England with even a national competition.   If you would like more information about the game there are several sites on the internet… just Google “Walking Football.”   


Walking Soccer is a natural fit for the USA and will become very popular here because it is fun, low impact and a great way for seniors to get exercise with the added benefit of the social aspect.   


Because of this we have started a Walking Soccer program here in Glendale at the Sports Complex, located at 2200 Fern Lane, Glendale 91208. 

We play every Tuesday morning at 08:00am

The City of Glendale invites you to join us in this healthy program at the Complex. 


We are looking for anyone over 50 years of age who has some free time Tuesday mornings and would like to play Walking Soccer.


Should you have any questions contact Dick Jover at 818-248-0160 or via email at dickjover@sbcglobal.net

CBS NEWS will very likely be there on this coming Tuesday 9th June 2015.